Save Yourself - They Won't

   Can Lafayette support 1900 more people?


Lafayette started the conversation on the Urban Growth Boundary expansion more than a year ago. A few months into the process, the general public got invited to come see what the VERY general plans might look like. After much quiet conversation, more information is being honed down.

The projected number of population growth from this will be 1900 people. 1900 more people in a town with a high vacancy rate. We can't fill the homes we have, and they want to 'public domai'n people's property to tell them they are now Lafayette residents.

The UGB expansion will be residential only. They are not even talking about any commercial area, at this time.

Think about this, just based on our current population - in the event of an emergency - we cannot sustain our residents.

We have no major grocery store, certainly not anything that could stock enough food to feed all of current residents for more than a day. We have a single gas station. We have no bank. Most of the city employees don't come to work if the power is out, much less than if the roads were blocked, for whatever reason.

We have no hospital, or even a medical clinic. We have no vet or mortuary. We have no in town law enforcement and are hard-pressed to have even a single deputy during even normal times. During the summer, water has to be pumped from Dayton. The sewer systems require electricity for the pumps to work. They have generators but no one to turn them on, as we have experienced in recent power outages.

This city used to be a thriving community. The leadership turned it onto a bedroom community where people work somewhere else and are too tired to care.

The city is talking about making us bigger based on a study that was partially paid for by a developer. A developer who wants access to the property just outside city lines. This possibility is getting closer every month.

At the Planning Commission meeting in August, they were discussing having another open house in November to get more input, a required by law - not as some personal favor. Come and give yours. Check the calendar here. It will be posted once it is announced.