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Charter Volunteers Needed
After years of cities being bound by a
charter created to keep citizens from the
process, a new draft charter is being
designed to provide accountability and
return responsibility back to the elected.
Citizen Based Media and Accountability

This mission is to have a collaborative resource for citizen
advocates, whether by need or desire, to get information from and
to each other to promote sunlight into local government business.

Want an easy way to be part of
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The Citizen's Agenda

Cities and Counties call us the naysayers.
What are citizens really interested in
getting from the process?
At the Lafayette City Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, the city administrator, Preston Polasek, made statements regarding actions of both me (Angela Flood) and my husband Darrell Flood.
Fortunately, as I am pretty good about documenting things, I am able to prove his statements were false, out of context, apply to completely different folks and/or are defamatory.
The council voted to support this information, in this way, and made some pretty far reaching claims, including that my actions delayed the county DA during a lethal force use investigation.
Preston advises these actions make someone a liability...a risk. Yet, the person who actually committed some of these was never challenged. That person was allowed to conduct your business, and attend events without any issue at all.
This isn't the first time this kind of behavior has happened. But, it is escalating. And we aren't the only ones who have had to endure it. These statements are very serious.  In the case of four of the council members, they knew his claims were false...yet let him proceed anyway.  If any of these folks had an ounce of character, they would fire Preston and then resign themselves.
If you think it is wrong for public officials to be able to lie about folks, for whatever reason or agenda they may have, then you need to know this can happen to anyone.
There were so many accusations flying from Preston's mouth...Some of it very wild to the point that the council had to stop him because it wasn't relevant to, well, anything.
At this point, I could spend some money on an attorney and sue them. I could get retractions. But, I sense it would be done in a way that does not admit fault or done in a way that doesn't actually accomplish anything. So, I am posting the information here with social media connecting to it. Read it...don't. Up to you. But, know that these folks have been untruthful. And if they would do this, is there anything they won't lie about? The legal option is not off the will depend on the character of the folks involved.
My number one request is: Don't believe what you hear without proof. Preston offered none.
I don't know if this is all of his claims. If you heard more, let me know and I will add them. He's just so difficult for me to understand when he is talking, these are the items that I was able to register.
Personally, I'm really sick of the BS. I really want to spend my time getting to know my neighbors...As an advocate, I will continue to put myself at risk submitting your questions, spotlighting the violations and being the rabble rouser. And, every time I bring up a violation, providing proof, these folks come at us harder. Think about that.
But, between all of that, mailboxes will be cleaned, parties will be held and folks will continue to be helped.

***Claim, Summary, Resource for Dispute***

Preston stated that Darrell disrupted a water meeting with an argument with the mayor. Preston advises the meeting was not able to continue due to this.

The disrupting party was not was Mayor (at the time) Heisler. The video shows the then mayor scolding those present for not signing in to the meeting (signing in is not required) and then getting so agitated, asking Darrell if he wants to go outside. At first Darrell declined, but Heisler wasn't going to let it go, so Darrell went. They spent 20 minutes yelling at each other, about all kinds of things. The meeting continued, as you will see, without pause. The argument ended...both parties returned to the room - with Heisler slamming the door upon reentry.
It is also worth noting that there were four members of the council at the water meeting...a quorum. And no notification that the council members would be present. But, it also important to note that three of those present are current city councilors that voted to support Preston's lies Tuesday - Marie Sproul, Chris Harper and Doug Cook. They were at the meeting being referenced. They saw what happened, and still voted against the facts.

Video section where Heisler begins disruption

Full Video 
WARNING  This is a link to the video folder. Once you click on the link for the video, it will download the video. So know that ahead of time. The video is long and it is a very large file. Look for: Water Board February 7 2011.flv

Preston stated that Angela interrupted meetings presenting false information regarding city finances. He then referenced, as his proof, conversations about the missing hundreds of thousands of dollars...500 or 600 or 700 thousand dollars.

When I heard the dollar amount from the recording, I knew exactly what he was talking about. Again...not us. Again...this was former Mayor Heisler. For years, he presented information, both in meetings and out to the public, in writing and verbally, about the missing $600,000.00. I have, at least, three of those documents on my website. Let me know if you need more.

Heisler Claim of Missing $600,000.00 - 1

Heisler Claim of Missing $600,000.00 - 2

Heisler Claim of Missing $600,000.00 - 3

Preston stated Angela committed personal attacks on volunteers / Linda Lyon

A few years ago, I made an official objection to the prayer the council  was using to start the meetings. Constitution allows me that right...I exercised it. What followed was a litany of emails from Linda Lyon very upset with my objection. She demanded we put her email objecting to the objection on our website under the Voices section. So, I did (not as quick as she liked, as I was at work when the request came in). By the time I got home, there were several other emails so I posted all of it. Including all of the not very nice comments she made about her family and folks in our community. Then she couldn't find it on the page, due to her browser. So, I gave her technical help. Then I got tired of the constant contact and arguments from her. I asked her to stop contacting me. She didn't. Threatened me with her lawyer. I said I thought that was a good idea. I received the letter from her attorney and I responded. I let the attorney know where her client had lied to her and told her about the repeated requests for Linda to stop the harassment. I presume the attorney advised Linda of my rights, and Linda's wrongs, because I never heard from Linda again.

Linda Lyon - asks to be posted

Linda Lyon - can't find post and doesn't like location

Linda Lyon - won't stop contact

Linda Lyon - letter from and to the attorney

Outbursts of anger

Preston claimed that Darrell went into city hall and started screaming to the folks regarding a $1.00 credit on our water bill.
1. He didn't.
2. About that $1.00 credit. During a project the city did on our street, the contractor needed the use of water. They didn't bring their tank full or have any other water source. After three requests of us to use ours, all with NO answers, the city engineer told the contractor to use the fire hydrant. Did they? No. They went onto our property, turned on both of our water sources and filled their equipment. So, they trespassed and they committed theft. And they failed to turn off one of the spigots. The water use, according to the sheriff, was minimal. The city admin refused to provide the name of the contractor (their vehicles weren't clearly marked). So, the city put a $1.00 credit on our bill. And they called the matter done. No apology. No charges filed. And we had no recourse. So, Darrell told staff to remove the charges. It felt like a joke. It felt like they just could do whatever they want to to folks, and there was nothing that could be done. Did Darrell go screaming at them? No, he did not. Was he irritated? You betcha.

Trespassing and Theft of Services

Hate Speech
(Of all of the claims, this is the most serious to me, personally

I can't even begin to explain this. Preston says I called him a nazi. I have no recollection of this and he has failed to provide a context. I have referred to water nazi's and lawn nazi's in my writings. But, no recollection of it being directed at a single person...only in the abstract. As have other citizens in this town.

Pending, I suppose. If Preston responds to request for proof.

Brad Berry and Angela's Interruption of a lethal force investigation

Several years ago, I made a request from the city for some documents. Video, Safety Data Sheets, something. So long ago, I don't even remember. I never heard back from the city regarding a denial of a fee waiver. While working on another project, I came across it and decided to follow up. Preston claimed he was drilled for two weeks by the DA. For him, it may seem like that as he kept putting off responses to the DA and didn't adequately answer the questions being asked. Did I interrupt a lethal force investigation by the DA? Seriously? If I have to answer that, I think I have already lost you. But, no, I did not. The DA has important work to do...dealing with documents and fee waivers are part of that. But, they aren't the first priority. There is no timeline requirement for his responses...only the city has that requirement.

Brad Berry Email - 1

Brad Berry Email - 2

Brad Berry Email - 3

Brad Berry Email - 4

Brad Berry Email - 5
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